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-vastly improve association and add more features; trade block please

-add d-league back and improve it, primarily the connection between your nba team and d-league team.

-more depth to my player. i hate how you have to run the path of a superstar and you can't do anything else. add storylines, and add more managerial aspects

-vastly improve coach mode, make it more enjoyable and interactive.

-add the thing like they have/used to have in NHL games where you can simulate games by quarter and then have the option to join game mid-game. i
loved that in ea's nhl games.

-association should have a mode where everything is like it is in real life for the team, like someone else mentioned. add far more complex features, things like lottery protected picks, some teams not having many picks, the ability to trade/deal with more picks, etc etc etc etc. it would be nice to have so much control over an association that if you wanted you could play it like a sim game and not actually play the games yourself. total sim control was a step in the right direction.

-fix trading in association. its better but still bad.

-wwe games do this, i dont know why 2k games dont. why cant the player customization have all the stuff that players have? hair is abysmal in 2k.
-everything rad said

-way deeper customization

-improve/fix physics. blocking is so bad because almost every time your arm goes through their head or something. also i dream of a 2k where the ball actually touches the players hands.

-keep on getting rid of the unrealistic stuff. theres some moves in the game where the player will just increase in speed substantially and blow by someone, and cant be blocked or anything. how is that random chance fair?

- Be able to save the game in any stage of the game and play at a later time.

you do realize there is a save and quit button, right?
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