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Default Re: Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

Originally Posted by BrooklynZoo
1. Thats gotta be the slowest possibly way to get away from someone, by pressing every floor...

2. If she knew sign language i think that it would have been reported by now

1. It is either stupid or pretty damn smart, and since she is asian, I will choose the latter. This is what I am guessing: first button she pushes will be the floor she wants to go to, then she pushes 5 other buttons, so this means the elevator will take her to the floor she wants to go to first, and then stops at every floor before it comes back to the floor where the suspect is at.

2. She is doing sign language. I do not know the first gesture, but I do recognize her saying she "doesn't know" and then gesturing "friend," so clearly she is talking to someone and not merely flailing her arms around like a maniac.
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