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Default Re: Playstation 4!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Rose
There's a difference between color, and looks though. Personally, I bought my Halo: Reach console, because it was silver and I needed a new one. I'll give you that.

I generally care aesthetics, but almost always consoles aren't sleek looking especially in the first batch. I mean can you say the 360 or the Wii look great? Sure the Slim looks better next to your tv in comparison to it's predecessor but is it a good looking device?

Hell I have a slim ps3, and I wouldn't say it looks like nice. It just a console I've never looked at any console and went damn, that is something I definitely want to put my disk in. Computers? Phones? Cars? material possessions like that looks matter because we show them off way more than we do a console.

It's not just whether it looks cool or not, it's the fact there are so many concepts and different ideas out there and people just wanna see if the "console of the future" looks the way they imagined it. Like, don't you think it would be cool if the PS4 looked like a toaster? That's how I want it to look.

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