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Default Does Jeremy Evans deserve more playing time?

With Jefferson and Millsap injured, however, Evans played the best game of his three-year career Saturday night against Charlotte. He scored 14 points and grabbed nine rebounds in 26 minutes during the Jazzís lopsided 98-68 victory.

For perspective, consider Evans played only eight minutes during 12 games in February. He had 10 field goals in the Jazzís first 58 games, but went 6-for-8 from the field against the Bobcats.

"I thought Jeremy played well," Corbin said. "The growth he has shown ó not being hesitant after not playing in a lot of games ó has been tremendous."

Said Millsap: "Jeremy did great. He didnít shock us because we know what he can do. He does it every day in practice. But to see him shoot and shoot with confidence, itís a big confidence boost for him and momentum boost for us."

-- Salt Lake Tribune
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