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Default Re: Michael Jordan in the post. Amazing compilation.

Originally Posted by G-Funk
I hate long replies...anyway I agree and dont agree with the things u said like court awarness and decsion making, Kobe is great in those aspects, he hardly creates turn overs from the post and usually finds the open guy and as far as consistency goes, its difficult for Kobe to contantly play in the post with 7 footers who live in the post, Im sure if he had bo offensive bigs u could very well run the offense through him down low.

Andgar broke it down pretty well, especially with regards to the consistency aspect of it. You spoke to footwork, both of them had/have amazing footwork but why Kobe has to use 'more' footwork to get himself open to due to not having the natural athletic advantages that Jordan had. MJ could back you down a few times, fake one way and then jump back 10 feet off one foot, basically un-guardable. In simple terms, he needed to do less to get off a good shot, so perhaps it looks more basic but he was every bit capable of using 'fancy' footwork depending on the situation.
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