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Default Re: Michael Jordan in the post. Amazing compilation.

Originally Posted by 9erempiree
Kobe's post game is better than Jordan's because it's more versatile and he can get to the basket with his post game. Kobe's post game is like a bigs. MJ's post game only resulted in a jumper or fade away.

As many of you on ISH know that Kobe highlights come up often and many times these dunks you see him put on people are from the post.
Two different styles by 2 great players.

Nearly 20 minutes of footage in the OP, with VIDEO EVIDENCE of Jordan using his postgame to get to the basket, and you're seriously going to make that claim?

Case in point, look at the move he uses against the Lakers at 2:30. That's a move that we've since seen from Kobe, but you're going to say that Jordan's post-game didn't allow him to get to the basket?!

"A recent memory is Kobe destroying Crawford in the post for a dunk. Last night he almost got one off the post as well. [b] Kobe's post game allows him to get to the basket where MJ was purely to get his fade and jumper on."

You mean like what Jordan did at 2:43? Seriously....

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