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Default Re: Michael Jordan in the post. Amazing compilation.

Originally Posted by Dragonyeuw
Nearly 20 minutes of footage in the OP, with VIDEO EVIDENCE of Jordan using his postgame to get to the basket, and you're seriously going to make that claim?

Case in point, look at the move he uses against the Lakers at 2:30. That's a move that we've since seen from Kobe, but you're going to say that Jordan's post-game didn't allow him to get to the basket?!

Let's be honest here, nobody has said he never gets to the basket with it but he doesn't use his post game to specifically do that.

Why do you think people say his fade and turnaround jumpers were automatic?...because that was his freaking bread and butter. His post game that led him to that fade.

Kobe doesn't rely on that fade like MJ. If you watch his game just last night and the night before he was abusing the post inside and out.

Remember when he got those double assist nights in the post? He is better and more versatile than MJ in the post.

I consider MJ the best player ever but let's not say he's head and shoulders above everyone in every category. It gets pathetic.
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