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Learning to shoot layups
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Default I'm back for some further criticism on my jump shot.

So once again I am back. Even though my jumper has been looking better throughout all the footage I have been taking of myself, it still feels inconsistent (some days it's lights out, and others I am just building brick houses). Mostly I have been working on elevation and having a proper base (also making sure that my knee doesn't buckle). If you aren't familiar with me or my progress here is a link to my past topic:

Here is the video of my latest shoot-around:

I'm mostly interested in how I could improve my base, how my form looks, any hitches I might have in my shot, and ways to build consistency. Also I would like to know exactly how you guys hold the ball in your shot pockets' (where you hold the ball before bringing it up), how you guys position your hands, how spread are your fingers (guide and shooting hand) and exactly how you bring the ball up (do you swing the pocket up? Do you just bring the pocket straight up? Does the pocket stay centered/right/left or does it move horizontally in any way on the way up?)

Also, the next time I hit the courts I am going to be working on speeding up my follow-through (extending my arm more quickly) and also flicking my wrist. Are these the things I should be working on? Sorry for all the questions, but I routinely tweak so many little elements of my jump shot all the time in search of my perfect form, and because of this, I am so inconsistent. I want to find the right state for each and every little element of my jump shot, and make sure they are correct so I could keep those variables static and attribute any further failure to what few dynamic variables I have left to correct.
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