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Titles are overrated
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Default Re: Durant's season is really underrated

Kblaze's argument was that Lebron's season is overrated because the Heat aren't on some legendary pace to win a ridiculous number of games, that true dominance somehow lies in ripping through the regular season. I'm saying that, as long as they win the title, that's dominant enough to ensure Lebron a place in the top 10 best seasons ever.

....this is what I replied to:

Originally Posted by 28renyoy
29/8/5/1/2 on 51/42/91 65 TS%

This is literally one of the 15 greatest regular seasons in NBA history, yet he's in the shadow because LeBron is having a top 5 all time regular season.

And you take that to mean that I think dominance does not involve the playoffs?

To put it simply....

Someone does 09 Lebron numbers and wins 66 games with Boobie, Mo, old Z, hughes and so on while someone does 12 Lebron numbers and wins less with Wade, Bosh, Ray, and so on....

09 Lebron wins the MVP.

So I dont quite see how Lebron is just having some otherworldly season far as MVP chances this year or last. Not when he has had at least 2 years himself that would probably win it over both of them.

Doesnt mean he was a better player then. But you win more with less help with the number he was doing back then(in 2010 he did like 30/9/8) you win MVP.

He wouldnt win MVP with his current year over any number of seasons. 2000 Shaq wins this year. 09 and 10 Lebron. 96 Jordan. 92 Jordan. 87 Magic. 67 and 68 Wilt. Several of Kareems seasons. Shit Dirk might win for 07. Good but not amazing team wins 67 games? People would laugh when he went out in the first round...but he already has the MVP.

Its not about how good they are on the bottom line. The topic was about how Lebrons seasons stacks up all time and what Durant could do with less imposing seasons in his way...suggesting there are only 4 or less of them.

I just dont see how thats the case.

Just be real here....

How do you vote for Lebron winning equal or less games on the Heat vs doing it on the Cavs with a bunch of role players?

You dont get to vote after june. You vote in April.

09 Lebron would win.
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