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I guess I really was the only person playing this game! And after they obviously spent a fortune on advertising with adds right here on the ISH message board.

Dead Space 3's attempt at bringing in more players by tweaking the horror/action balance seems to have failed. And if the rumors are true, that failure holds direct consequences for the series' future., citing an anonymous source, is reporting that EA has canceled the unannounced Dead Space 4. The game was in the preproduction phase at Visceral's California offices, with help from a small team at Visceral Montreal. EA closed the latter studio a few weeks ago.

Dead Space 3 was yet another polarizing game, with players both praising and criticizing the series' turn away from survival horror toward action. Players had strong reactions to the game's use of microtransactions, as well. Whatever the reason, the rumor says that the title did not pull in numbers that EA felt like bragging about. Official sales numbers have not been released.

"While we have not announced sales data for Dead Space 3, we are proud of the game and it remains important IP for EA," a spokesperson for EA told us.

And just to update, I still was never into able to really get into this game because of the pain in the ass the weapon system is. It was pretty well reviewed, but I've spoken to more than one person that really hated it. And I personally was pretty offended by the purchase options, where I could buy things I need, like ammo or health, or weapons, with real life money. It just feels gross, and I'm not one to complain about DLC, but this was rediculous, because I was never sure if I had missed an element in the game (like they have these leverage bars to get into doors that are usually just extra supplies) or if they're set up in a way to bait me into buying the thing.

I actually think I'm going to put this down and move on to Tomb Raider tonight.

In related news, my gaming was stalled for a few weeks when my 46" Sony XBR8 of 6 years crapped out on me over the past month. The last few weeks it's been horrible, unusable really, and so this past weekend I just picked up a new 55" Samsung 8000 series LED Smart TV. I've always been a Sony guy, but this experience was frustrating enough for me to move on. Plus Sony's Smart TV was more expensive by a thousand bucks, and it's browser is much clumsier.
I'm still not all hooked up, but it's coming along pretty well. The internet connection on the Samsung isn't as simple as I'd hoped it'd be, but I'm getting there.
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