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Default Re: Kobe's Last 5 Games

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
I find these Kobe numbers more interesting:

In 30 Wins:

24.5ppg 6.2rpg 6.7apg 1.3spg 0.3bpg 3.2tpg 48.3%fg 31%3pt 82.5%ft on 36.5mpg (7 double doubles; 1 triple double)

In 30 Losses:

30.1ppg 4.7rpg 4.5apg 1.3spg 0.2bpg 4tpg 46.3%fg 35.2%3pt 85.2%ft on 39.8mpg (3 double doubles)

i think if you look at any legendary scorer throughout history. youl find that they score more in losses

its because no star ever takes 4th q's off in losses. and usually if everyones playing well. the star is a more willing passer
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