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Default Re: I'm back for some further criticism on my jump shot.

Originally Posted by Permodius
Any advice on the foot work? I feel ten times more comfortable doing a pullup jumper off of my left-handed dribble, but it feels so odd trying it with my right hand dribble.

well you are right handed. so when you are dribbling left your last two steps should be "right foot-left foot". Going right it should be "left foot-right foot"

I am going to guess why, I'm really not sure without seeing you do it but I am assuming that your jab foot is always your right foot? If so to go to your left you bring your right foot across your body on your first step. But when you go right you use the the same foot?

Shooting off the dribble from the triple threat and off the catch are a little different. So this might sound complicated.

It is easier for me going left too because I'm also right handed. When I take my first step and dribble I've essentially already taken my first "plant step". Therefore all I need to do to take a pull up is plant my left foot and shoot.

Now think about going right. You always want to take the least amount of steps. So, when you go right with your right foot leading and take a dribble, remember you want to plant "left foot-right foot". So when you dribble your right foot is down, that means, unlike going left, you have to take TWO steps to get the right foot work, so it feels different.

There is no right way to deal with this but like I said before shooting off the dribble off the catch and from a stand still are a little different to me.

Off the catch If I'm going to go right I bring my left foot across my body for my first step. I usually will have my right foot slightly forward and push off hard off of my left foot to explode into that first step. Likewise if I'm going to go left, I have my left foot slightly forward and push off my right foot and bring it across my body for my first step.

So think about it this way. Say a defender is face you. to go left you take YOUR right foot and step outside HIS right foot (on your left hand side). If you can do this quickly you have in essence already beaten him AND your leg will actually be shielding the ball (if you are low enough) and he can't strip you.

I know that's a lot to process but I will tell the most perfect practice tool for this skill: a chair. Try it out and you'll instantly see what I mean if you don't understand what I'm saying.
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