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Default Re: Assassin's Creed 4

Originally Posted by nightprowler10
I disagree. The assassination contracts in AC2 were the best. They added so many more of them in the DLCs too.

I agree that there wasn't enough sneaky assassin stuff in Revelations and AC3. They didn't even bother with the truth puzzles type stuff in the last one. You guys remember the puzzles from AC2? So awesome.

I might go back and play AC2 over again. I actually planned my honeymoon based on that game.
I bought ac2 because it was on sale last week, never beat it. Got stuck in the go north east south and west in the church. Could not do two of the directions. Simply quit. I hope to beat it this time.

Ac2 was the perfect balance of gameplay IMO. It had everything but you could do it in a different ways, you could just walk in and murder everyone if you were good enough and had good armor, but if you wanted to be an assassin you could. And they completely stepped away from that, which is where I disagree with you jail blazers, the forts seemed ridiculously easy to just walk up to kill 4 guards, and then kill everyone inside.

One thing that concerns me, is how they're going to explain Edward being an assassin but his son going to the Templars. They can't really play on history like they could with Connor. Or at least not to the best of my knowledge anyways.
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