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Default Iman Shumpert still working his way back into form

For a 22-year-old professional athlete who thrives on competition and doesn't like being told he can't do something, those days hurt Shumpert nearly as much as when he tore his left anterior cruciate ligament and lateral meniscus.
"I was waking up and the pain was really, really, really bad early on," Shumpert said. "There was a couple of points where I was like, 'I got to take all these pills just to get out of the bed.' That was the lowest point for me -- not being able to walk. It seemed like the world was just moving, everybody was just moving, people had things to do and I couldn't really do nothing but lay in bed and ice."
Shumpert has long since graduated from that. But the Chicago product still experiences low points in his return from the devastating injury he suffered last April 28 in Game 1 of the playoffs in Miami.
Not everyone can come back the way Vikings running back Adrian Peterson did last year. Actually, no one else has. It's a long, difficult road that Shumpert is regretfully learning firsthand.

-- NY Newsday
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