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Default Re: Thoughts on Otto Porter?

Originally Posted by Remix
I don't watch much college ball, but I have caught 3-4 Georgetown games, and this kid sticks out to me. He's tall and lengthy (I think 6'7" or 8") with a 7'+ wingspan. Although he needs to bulk up and gain 10-15 lbs, I think he can be an impact player in the NBA. From what I've read he's drastically improved his 3pt shooting from ~20% to 45%. His length would prove to be trouble against other SF's defensively. However, he seems to struggle getting the ball at times and creating for himself. His handles aren't that impressive either.

I see him being a mid lottery pick and with time developing into a Prince/Batum type player.

He's a nice player but he'll have to prove he can attack the basket off the dribble in order to succeed in the NBA. Georgetown has a great offensive system that has a lot of cutting and some Princeton action off the elbows, so the system almost does the work for him most of the time, and he's great at that no doubt. He will have a place in the league for a long time off defence alone but the style Georgetown plays doesn't really allow us to much more of him. I remember Jeff Green was projected as a mid-teens pick in the draft because they questioned his offensive ability but after the workouts he moved all the way up into the lottery and ended up being picked at 5. Might see a similar thing here when all is said and done.
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