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Default Re: 2k14 Wishlist?

The rotation system now is stupid. The AI doesn't understand that when I set a guy's minutes to 0 that means that I want him to play 0 minutes per game. The rotation logic in general is retarded. The CPU just goes by OVR when setting rotations. I'm sick of seeing Kevin Martin starting over Seflosha, and seeing Ray Allen start at PG for the Heat.


Teammate AI still sucks.

- The only difference from previous games is that they will sometimes make more shots. But you still have to spoonfeed them. They can't create their own shot to save their lives. When I play with Derrick Rose, I want him to play like Derrick Rose. I shouldn't have to play like '06 Kobe on the Bulls in order for us to win. But the hilarious thing is that when I play against the Bulls, D. Rose plays like a beast. He attacks the rim and gets easy buckets.

- Teammates always leave the CPU open for 3's. It's unbelievable. The CPU doesn't even have to run any plays. My teammates will just walk away from his man, leaving him wide open.

- Our teammates need to learn how to get through screens set by the CPU as well as how to run their man off of screens. The CPU sets unbelievably effective picks while my teammates just jog around a screen not even trying to get open.

- We need to be able to sub ourselves out of the game. We shouldn't be playing 40+ minutes in a blowout that was decided in the 3rd quarter.

- The tendencies that control how our MyPlayer plays when we sim games should be affected by what we actually do in games. Even though I rarely foul and don't shoot a ton of 3's, whenever I sim, I almost always foul out, turn the ball over a ton and shoot at least 5 three pointers a game.

- The off-ball bumping/suction was toned down from 2K12, but it still needs improvement. If the CPU is going to yoke me up like this on the perimeter there should be loose ball fouls called. We need more loose ball fouls outside of random moving screens and pushing a guy over after a missed shot. We should have loose ball fouls for excessive bumping on the perimeter as well as when fighting for position in the post.

- Let us choose our secondary position (if we want one). Just because I'm a scoring PG doesn't mean I'm a SG as well.

- The CPU changes coaches/gms way too often. Like after every season a team will change gms. And if a team has one bad year with a coach they fire him. Coaches don't get changed that often, and when a team fires a coach mid season, the assistant head coach should become the interim head coach until a new candidate can be found.
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