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Originally Posted by stevieming
it's got to be obvious for the call, not like the super duper confusing did he or didn't he james harden which case you kinda of got to let it go if you're not sure.
I think that's got to be the thing. If it's one of those types of travels that'd start big arguments on a message board where people begin trying to scientifically decipher where a player truly began his gather and whether that means they actually took three steps instead of two, I do not believe in making that call.

However, if it's just a ridiculously over the top walk where it's clearly out of place and unnatural, I think that's a good call to make. At the courts I've played at, on travel calls, the offender usually knows what they did was beyond the lines of ridiculosity, so there's usually not an argument. But if someone begins trying to call the 2.5 steps travels, things usually don't end well.

I think it's kind of similar to calling over the back. If a street player comes plowing over someone's back, knocking them over, and wildly swatting at the ball - I think it's acceptable to call a foul or object to that sort of play (to which the offender will likely once again acknowledge). But aside from those mega violations, a lot of the ticky-tack over-the-back calls that'd be made in real games are often passed over in street contests.

Long story short, if the travel is ridiculously obvious, it's callable. If it's borderline, calling it is also borderline.
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