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Default Re: Stephen Curry Has the Second Highest 3PT% Ever

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I'm sure it helps he's not 5'4'', but sometimes a quick release is a quick release, regardless of the athleticism of the defense. Most players, particularly those with NBA-level shooting talent, spend years upon years learning how much space they need between themselves and the defender in order to get up a shot, whether they have a high elevation release or not.

His dad was kind of the same way - grounded, but wonderfully skilled at gauging the space he needed and quick on the release:

Sidenote, somehow I never realized before now that Stephen Curry is technically Dell Curry Jr. Both his full name and that of his father is Wardell Stephen Curry. Don't know how I missed that.

The player protagonist of that video is officially a grandpa. I feel old because I remember Dell's 3rd year in the league
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