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Originally Posted by stevieming
I would call it. Everything ****ing time until the guy stops.....if it's a guy who is terrible and barely gets the ball and doesn't know how to play very well, I might let them off, but someone can play and deliberately travels. I would just go get the ball and say no point if he scores.

this. If he's obviously using it to his advantage, to get away from his defender and get an open lay up or something like that then you have to call it. If he's a beginner and doesn't know the rules, then I let him off. I've been in this situation before, there's a small guy who plays pick up games with us sometimes and he's quite a good ball handler, however he takes a lot of extra steps and like this he gets his points. When I defended him for the first time it was very confusing because I always thought I had him beat to a spot but then he got away. After a while I realized that he took a third or even fourth step to get away from me. Still it's hard to call because he will argue the call and most other players are insecure or say they didn't see it.
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