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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

I'm still FURIOUS. Mike Woodson is going to cost this team a playoff series. That's not even questionable,it's just a question will it be in the 1st,2nd round or ECF.

To be honest Thunder's execution wasn't any better,they won because in this league that rip through move is a foul. If it wasn't for that,the Knicks would take it.
My main point is,Thunder's execution might be even worse than ours,it's just that they have better players and the refs favor them. I just don't see them beating the Heat or even coming close to it. If they meet in the Finals it will probably be Heat in 6 if not in 5 again.

I can't be mad at players. They gave it all last night and almost beat arguably the 2nd best team in the league without their star player. Mike Woodson is the one who costed us the game,not the players. They do what they are told to do,if Mike Woodson was able to draw a play that doesn't include J.R. posting up at the 3-pt line we would have won the game.

J.R. will sometimes lose us games and will sometimes explode like last night. We need to find a guy who'll maximize his potential. Woody is misusing him. He's basically asking him to run the offense. Even an idiot could see that J.R. isn't capable of doing that. Get him running off screens,get him some wide open looks,make him attack the rim and use his exceptional athleticism.

With all the bad he can sometimes bring to the team I love J.R. He isn't paid much,plays hard every night and aside from a few stupid plays he's doing what the coach told him to do. I would much rather have a guy like J.R. who'l sometimes explode and win a game for you than guys like Kidd or Prigioni who won't do much bad things but also there's no chance of them winning the game for you.

Amare didn't shot the ball well but I think he played great,especially at the defensive end. That dunk made me get off my couch and start yelling at 4 am
He rebounded the ball well and had some nice blocks too.

Kenyon Martin played great but knowing Woodson he's going to bench him and either play him like 5 minutes a game or not play him at all.

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