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Default Re: Shabazz Muhammad vs Ben McLemore

LJ has a few notable things about him. For one he's the best player on one of the truely great college teams of all time. That two year run from UNLV just isn't something you see anymore.

He was also the guy I remember sort of starting the JUCO trend. I don't remember a JUCO transfer coming in and really making an impact prior to him, and he's probably still the best JUCO transfer ever.

The other thing is that his popularity really skyrocketed with the Grandmama ads at the time. So he was sort of dispropationately popular for a short stretch for a guy who had a long productive, yet not star level career. Those of us who lived through those UNLV / Hornets years will probably always remember LJ as being the beast he was, where he's gonna be hard to look back at and get that same vibe.
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