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Originally Posted by Baller
I don't know about you guys, or some of you. It's like, do you even have ANY Brains whatsoever ? Ah Dah,,we can't re-sign Salmons and then trade him for Thomas! Does the word Impossibility mean anything to you guys ? How about the words...Salary, and Cap ? Or what about the words Base Comp ?

Even if none of those applied, and Salmons re-signed, he would have to be given even more money than Thomas makes because of the Base Comp rules when re-signing your own free agents and then Immediately dealing them. And NO WAY in Hell is Salmons worth 9 million a year, which is what he would have to be signed for, and then dealt to the Suns in order to get Kurt Thomas, and even then Phoenix would have to add another salaried player to make it work.
Please people...THINK before you post!!

That's what I was thinking. I didn't think it would work because of the Base Year Compinsation rule. Technically it's possible with a third team, but that won't happen.
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