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Default Re: With the PS4 coming soon, when do you anticipate the end of the PS3?

Originally Posted by Draz
I doubt they'll release a new console and keep the old one serviced for more than a year.
They just stopped making PS2 games literally this year.

I think the PS3 gets games for awhile. The first year of next gen systems always blows for exclusives. So they'll keep putting out everything for both 3 and 4. Then in probably 2-3 years they'll start limiting what gets released for the 3.

Sidenote: I think that this could be the first generation where people really wait to pick up any next generation system. For instance...I see no reason to upgrade my 360/ps3 aside from a RAM upgrade. Graphics aren't getting much better, storage is already great and will probably stay similar, so really just make the shit a bit faster, and I'd keep it. Hell if M$ put out a 360, and upgraded the RAM to something decent like 4gb or godforbid 8. I'd be more than happy if they slapped a sticker on it and called it a Xbox Infinity or 720 or whatever.* Just keep the controller the same, the accessories the same so that way everything is compatible and I'd be more than willing to shell out a cool 300-400 for that.

*also they have to have a blu-ray upgrade.
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