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Default Top 10 prospects and position rankings

It's weak that with a draft with so many different directions to go there isn't a lot of talk on ish about those prospects. This draft doesn't sort itself out as much as usual with clear or close to clear order at the beginning.

Is there a handful of guys or more that could go 1-10? I think this is a really interesting draft class- how do you rank them? Not where you are seeing they might get drafted but where you think they should.

1 smart 6-4 pg ok state
2-Mclemore 6-5 sg Kansas
3-Zeller 7-0 pf/c Indiana
4-Noel 6-11 pf/c Kentucky
5-olynyk 7-0 pf/c Gonzaga
6-shabazz 6-6 sg/sf UCLA
7-Bennett 6-7 pf unlv
8-Adams 7-0 c Pitt
9-Cauley-stein 7-0 c Kentucky
10-Harris 6-8 sf Gonzaga

Smart 6-4 ok state
Carter Williams 6-6 Syracuse
Powell 6-4 UCLA

McLemore 6-5 Kansas
Shabazz 6-6 UCLA
Goodwin 6-4 Kentucky

Elias Harris 6-8 Gonzaga

Zeller 7-0 Indiana
Noel 6-11 Kentucky
Bennett 6-7 unlv
Plumlee 6-11 duke

Olynyk 7-0 Gonzaga
Adams 7-0 Pittsburgh
Cauley stein 7-0 Kentucky
Len 7-1 Maryland

I haven't seen cj mc collum, Otto porter, or the foreigners enough to rank in there. I really want to see some lists
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