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Default Re: With the PS4 coming soon, when do you anticipate the end of the PS3?

Originally Posted by B-Low
Honestly I think PS4 is gonna face more resistance than any new system ever has. PS3 JUST started satisfying a lot of customers and I know a lot of people who just made the move up to this generation of systems within the past year or two. The PS3 started off WAY too expensive and its just now getting down to a point where most people have been willing to buy it.

I can honestly see PS4 vs PS3 ending up like BluRay vs DVD. Sure there's gonna be some "gotta have it" people who jump on board right away, but the majority of the people are gonna take their time because to the casual eye there won't be the huge jump that there was when the switch from VHS to DVD happened (or in this case the huge jump when the switch from PS2 to PS3 happened). Blu Rays have been out for like 6-7 years and (aside from the hardcore collectors/entertainment buffs) most people I know have like 15-20 BluRays compared to hundreds of DVDs.
Pretty much this. About a year go my first PS3 crapped out on me after 4 years. Warranty had run out and I figured I'd just buy a new one instead of paying the money and waiting however many weeks it'd take to ship it off, get it fixed, and get it sent back. Waited until Black Friday sales to get the new one so it wasn't even that bad. I've basically got a brand new PS3 and I see zero need to rush out and get a PS4.

I'm not very tech savvy so someone help me out by putting this in simple terms. The upgrade in graphics from PS3 to big of an upgrade is that going to be? I mean how much better can they really get? I'm guessing it won't be the same as going from the original Playstation to a PS2, and frrm a PS2 to a PS3?
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