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Default Re: 49ers Respond, trade for Anquan Boldin

Originally Posted by Bano114
Or even the Chiefs? They would have a nice team starting to form there. Alot of teams could have had him. It's all about who makes the phone calls.

Props to the 9ers front office for inquiring. I'm guessing everyone else was going to wait for him get cut before they made a move for him.

I heard that Boldin was going to retired if the ravents let go of him, that may be the reason teams are hesitant.

Also, Bolding is making either 6 or 8million a year. I don't think a team like the Pats can afford him(unless they give up Welker) and that's obviously not a good idea.

The Niners needed a physical WR anyways so it's a good trade.
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