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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Originally Posted by code green
I wish I could have gotten into FF13 a little more...I literally bought it and returned it twice not advancing more than an hour or to into it. I know the reward's down the line, but it starts out soooooo slow.

Exactly. That's why I mentioned I was playing it "off and on" for 2 years lol. Games that take time to build aren't really "flawed" per se. But when you're used to "instant reward" type games, they can seem slow as hell. FF13 is like that, and they do their best to compensate by making the battles as fast as possible.

My thinking was that they could have had the characters "get to their points" quicker, which although it would have made the game shorter, it would have also made the game more better recieved. Nobody's life in this game is really that damn complicated. I think the game's length more had to due with the creators wanting to hold onto the "Long for the sake of being long" tradition of old school RPGs, when those days are pretty much over IMO.

They really don't need to do that anymore IMO. The best approach is simply keeping the player as engaged and involved as possible.
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