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Default Re: Utah Jazz keep Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap for now

Utah wants a point guard. If the Jazz are going to take a
poisonous salary attached to something they really want, that prize is going to
be a lead ball handler. Had they found one, perhaps they'd have done something.
But they didn't. The Millsap–for–Eric Bledsoe talks never
got serious, per three sources close to the (non-)talks, and the trade market
wasn't teeming with quality point guards beyond Bledsoe — especially since Utah
can wait to spend in the offseason
. Grantland

Bledsoe was about the only rumor I heard about that sounded interesting at all(for Millsap anyway. Getting rid of Jefferson would be good no matter what.) and he's still unproven as a starter in the league. I knew he wasn't getting dealt til they sign Chris Paul though. He'll ba available after that though if they Jazz still like him they should have a few young pieces and cap space to get him still.

That desire to qualify for the postseason
is one reason Utah held on to both its starting big men, according to multiple
sources familiar with the team's thinking.
The Jazz weren't
proactive at the deadline, but they did engage some teams with offers and
potential offers, including Toronto and Detroit,3 according to sources around
the league. They came away with nothing, not even a second-round pick or a
trade exception, in part because they just couldn't find a deal that brought
back a truly useful asset without an unfavorable long-term contract attached.

The Jazz probably weren't aggressive enough
shopping Jefferson and (especially) Millsap ahead of last spring's draft, when
multiple league sources insist they could have easily snagged a high
first-round pick in that draft for Millsap.
But it's unclear if that
pick would have brought an unwanted contract along with it, and given the
intriguing play of Andre Drummond and Terrence Ross, it's easy to forget that
most league executives weren't very excited about picks outside the top six or
seven guys. Grantland

Sounds like they tried to get Lilliard and other than him I don't see anybody else that would have made sense and it doesn't sound like Portland was looking to deal the pick even though they liked Millsap. Wouldn't make much sense with LA there.

Utah's willingness to slide back into the lottery, and its
patience with young players. Dennis Lindsey is Utah's new GM, fresh from San
Antonio (and Houston before that), which means things will start changing slowly
in Utah. Among those changes: Multiple league sources who dealt with Utah
ahead of the deadline insist the Jazz presented themselves as willing to take a
step back next season and snag a solid pick in a loaded 2014 draft. That is in
part Lindsey's influence, those sources say.
And while that runs
counter to the Jazz's desire to make the playoffs this season, this roster was
already set when Lindsey arrived over the summer, and new front offices are
sometimes cautious in flexing their muscles. Grantland

Read more
at http://*********.com/rumors.htm#vYxtEXtYjFvLwP6d.99

We've seen some minor changes but OConner is still in charge so we'll see.
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