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Default Re: How do you play 21?

I'm pretty open to whatever rules of 21 people wish to play by. However, generally speaking, I think it tends to be:

21 by 1's and 2's
Takebacks on everything (except tips if they're included)
Safe point of 13 or 15
"Free throw" = high school three point line
Limit of three consecutive free throw makes before check-up required
No fouls or out of bounds

I think it's 50/50 as to whether we include tips. Sometimes I'm guilty of willingly including them if I know I'm playing with a group of players who won't be boxing out on free throws (if they're playing free throws from the FT line, not three point line). Free throw line misses tend to open up a lot of tip dunk opportunities.

More times than not though, including tips seems to just create a never-ending cycle of a player earning points then having them wiped off by a tip, over and over and over again, until we're 20 minutes deep and realize we all have zero points.
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