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Default Re: How do you play 21?

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
Yep, this is generally how I play. Usually include tips just because it can get pretty hilarious when people try to tip every missed shot.

^and lol @ it being called American. That's awesome. I've played that other version of 21 also.

yea lol i remember there was this guy from Kentucky who came to one of the gyms i play at and he asked us if we wanted to play 21 to warm up and everyone was like "is this guy serious? he wants to play 21? that's for kids" but I got family in the states and they call it 21 so I had to explain to him that its called American, at least in Toronto

btw, your avy, who is that? I would have guessed Dizzy Gillespie because of the bell on the trumpet but I don't ever remember him having that haircut?
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