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Originally Posted by PleezeBelieve
Congrates Cavaliers. Now you can find a way to unload Z's contract. And while LeBron deserves all the credit in the world for getting the Cavs to Game 7 against Detroit, he also deserves some criticism for not understanding the power of his voice within the organization. It was him that went on the forefront to support the resigning of Z last season. Given the fact LeBron was entering his decision making year regarding his contract, the Cavaliers, imo, had no choice to, not only re-sign Z, but to show the initiative to LeBron by essentially bidding against themselves. You add all that up and you have a bloated 5-year 55 million contract to a player that will be offering a diminshed product during the span of that contract.

Bottomline here, The King chose wrong there.
Agree completely. The Cavs organization is being blamed for something that was caused by LeBron. I don't think he should be a GM when he retires because anyone with two eyes could see that Z never fit with this team.
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