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Default Re: Madden Cover Vote

For some reason it won't let me vote in the Cunningham/LT one.
I like Portis and all, but I can't vote him over Faulk.
I don't understand some of the old school selections. Ron Rivera is the biggest WTF.
Kaep is a 1 seed? WTF? Gates was a very easy pick for me and he's the 16 seed?

My upset picks:

Derrick Brooks over Ray Lewis just for the hell of it
Sterling Sharpe over Michael Strahan
Deuce McAllister over Troy Aikman because he's vastly overrated as a 3 seed (Marino is a 4 seed FFS)
Terrell Davis over Jim Kelly
Cortez Kennedy over Deion Sanders because again, vastly overrated as a 2 seed
Antonio Gates over Colin Kaepernick easy
Jimmy Graham over Julio Jones
Clay Matthews over Trent Richardson
Matthew Stafford over Doug Martin
C.J. Spiller over Dez Bryant
LeSean McCoy over Patrick Peterson
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