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Default Re: How do you play 21?

Basically been said but:

- 2s, 3s, and free throws are 1.
- Someone 'breaks' with a 3 pointer, ball goes live.
- Made shot gets up to 3 consecutive free throws.
- If all three are made, you check the ball.
- If you have 20 and score, you drop to 13.
- When you hit 21, you either shoot an extra foul shot or 3 to 'prove it'.

- No out of bounds.
- Fouls can be called.
- Clear the ball to the 3 point line, unless there's over 3 people.
- Tips bring you to 0, unless you're at/over 13.
- 3 tips you're out if there's over 3 people. Otherwise, unlimited.
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