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Default Re: How do you play 21?

IN LA, with almost anyone and any court I've played on, it's usually..

A game up to 21.

First person "breaks" from the 3pt line or free throw.
If he makes, he keeps shooting free throws or 3pt liners until he hits 3 in a row or he misses.
Once he misses, live ball.
MUST CLEAR EVERY MISS to the 3pt line.(unless its your own)

Only 2/3 pt baskets.

You get free throws after every live play basket. You make and keep going up to 3. If you miss, it's live ball.

Free throws are worth 1 pt and 2 pts(from behind 3pt).
HOWEVER, the first free shot made from either 3pt of free throw give you am additional point (I.E. first free throw is worth 2, first 3 pt is worth 3. Then they are all worth 1, and 2)

If you hit 21, you have to make a 3 pter to win the game. IF YOU MISS, back to 15. Or if you're on 20, shooting a free throw to hit 21, and you miss, you drop to 15.

I always get 21, like 2 or 3 times. I can't ever make that 3 pter. Lol
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