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Default Re: How do you play 21?

We play 21 (Minneapolis) with a player shooting from the 3pt area. If he/she makes that 1st shot(3pter in this case it is 3pts), they then shoot a free throw. The 1st free throw made counts as 3 pts. So in this example a person can start the game off with 6pts real quick.

We plays 2s and 3s and free throws, minus the first made FT, count as 1pt. All freethrows are shot from the 3pt area. If you get to 21 you still have to make a FT(3pt area) to prove the win. So in a way you end the game at 22. Hey it is cold here and we are silly

You have to take it back if you get a rebound from another player who shot and missed. If you shoot and miss you can get your rebound and put it back for a score.

If you shoot and miss, you have to play defense on whoever got the rebound.

That is pretty much it for 21 in my area.
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