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Default Re: The Walking Dead (television only) thread

Originally Posted by dunksby
What I guess I'm asking is some development on the whole zombie apocalypse plot, I liked this show because of how the first season progressed and ended. Since then it's like the apocalypse is just gonna be as it is, people going back to stone age type of life this time they are just outnumbered by a huge number of brainless predators.
I would love for them to include some Resident Evil type of elements in there, like have some zombies evolve a bit, or get in some zombies on roids and shit. I can get my human on human war action from other shows and flicks, what's the difference between this show and other shows if what they are gonna end up doing is just going to war with other humans. Zombies in this show are tamed and stupid and an afterthought.

The zombies are just the backdrop for the show. It's more about humans and their nature. I don't want some retarded roided up zombies that doesn't make any kind of sense.
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