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Default Re: Are We About to Embark on a Golden Era for Canadian Players?

Originally Posted by Grinder
I've posted similar thoughts multiple times. Canada has never had as much NBA level talent as it does running through the pipeline right now. Even guys that might not necessarily project well as NBA players have the game to be very good under FIBA rules (Stauskas, Pangos, Heslip,etc.). Obviously Wiggins is the crown jewel and if he turns out to be a superstar like most expect him to, then Canada could potentially be a top 5 team in the world by the Rio Olympics.

PG - Joseph, Kabongo, Pangos
SG - English (leading scorer in Spain), Rautins, Stauskas
SF - Wiggins, K. Joseph, Pierre
PF - Thompson, Bennett, Nicholson
C - Olynyk, Anthony, Sacre

There's also guys like Daniel Mullings, Sim Bhullar, Kyle Wiltjer, Dwight Powell, etc.

Carl English was not invited to camp last year, he won't be included with the national team anymore, he's a primadonna and carried himself in a way that was very destructive to the national team. Leo Rautins loved him but since he's been removed as head coach, there has been no pressure on the team to even want him back.

More likely Devoe Joseph is the third SG, might even start he's much better than Rautins and Stauskas are right now. They've already discussed having all three Josephs (Kris Joseph is Cory and Devoe Joseph's cousin) start together because of the amazing chemistry they have. Also Negus Webster-Chan is another good player. He's fallen out of the rotation at Mizzou but I guess it's more to do with Jabari Brown's play than it has to do with his own, I expect him to breakout next year, he has a really nice skill set for his size.

Other than that you're pretty much right on about the squad going forward. Considering we have failed to qualify consistently on the international level, the amount of talent being recognized is amazing, really good to see we are going in the right direction.
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