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Default Re: How good was Duncan's post game in his prime?

He had about four moves. Nobody could stop them. He would be given the ball a lot more to create than he is now, but really what he did was make smart plays with and without the ball and "control" the game on both ends. As far as the act itself of putting the ball in the basket, and especially of acquired "moves" with which to accomplish it, what he had was touch, timing, instinct, patience, and discipline -- not moves. I would also say he was never "dominant" as a scorer, or even as a scorer-creator, the way I've seen Larry Bird, MJ, and Lebron be. His impact on the game on offense was (to me) rather like Jason Kidd in patience and floor-wisdom with Zach Randolph's great touch and reflexes.

And of course his defense was in every way preternatural. I don't recall gaudy stats on that end - except for playoff success and championships. You couldn't ask for a better defender than Duncan. You could probably ask for a more dominant offensive player though. It's just you wouldn't be likely to get it. There probably aren't 5 guys in the league right now with more offensive impact than prime TD.
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