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Default Re: 2013 Offseason Thread (Free Agency, Releases, Trades, etc)

I'm officially a very happy Giant fan. As always the Giants lay low the first couple days of free agency making minor moves and not over paying. Then they come in and sign a player like Brandon Myers. I'm so happy that this guy is a Giant. He was very productive last season and is a nice weapon to have on our offense. Definetely the ideal replacement for Bennet, despite the fact that he's not a great blocker.

The best thing about this move is it gives us possibilities. Now the Giants don't have to draft a TE early. If things work out in the Giants favor Alec Ogletree will fall to us and we can plug him in at the LB spot.

At worst, if we do draft a TE with our first pick we have a good basis for a two TE offense.

I really would like to see the Giants get back Boothe, Cruz, and Andre and Stevie Brown , draft Ogletree and sign another CB. If all of these things happen I would call this a very succesful offseason (in the case Cruz takes the tender or signs at a long term price that will allow us to resign Nicks in the future)
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