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Default Re: What to do if u used 2 talk to a girl 24/7

Originally Posted by Bladers
it was working. she threatened to leave.. then i panicked. told her i loved her.
Ypu idiot. You just Lost any leverage you had. Honestly you are just going to fall into obscurity while she had sex with with multiple men. The only way I see her getting with you is when she gets fat.

Dude just don't talk to her for a week at least no text no call no emails no nothing and act like she doesn't exist. If she goes and meet you just tell her you don't want to talk to her for a while a d thats it. She is not getting with you. Just accept it.

Now 2 things can happen, she's going to keep calling until one day she goes and meet you and tell you she loves you or she's going to give up after approximately three days. Then you will know she was not meant to be.
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