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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Here's my take and I'll try to look at both sides. Wow, what an amazing fight. Best fight of 2012 so far, right?

Anyways, I can see why people say this was a bad look for Timmy. First off, coming off the Pacman win, this was suppose to be a statement victory. He was suppose to shut everyone up who taught he didn't beat Manny and come away with a clear cut victory.

Ruslan is a decent fighter, he's no bum but this is Tim Bradley we are talking about. The guy, who is his own words, beat Manny 8 rounds to 4. World class, Undefeated fighter, welterweight champion that's one of the best in his weight class. And Ruslan, he has not fight anyone significant. Should have been a statement win but that's the guy that Bradley, barley escaped with the win.

If that was Floyd, Manny or Marquez, the other top WWs, people would be ripping them to shreds for it being more competitive than it should. Yall know that's true.

But IMO, I don't think this performance should be a knock against Tim. I didn't expect to see Tim slug it out like that. To me, he showed that he can trade shots or box and be entertaining in the ring. To me that's most important. If you make it fun for the fans to watch, I want to see you again. But I will say, he got a little lucky on the cards. I would have had it a draw and bring on the rematch.

If you asked me, who would I rather see fight, Tim Bradley or Andre Ward? I'm going with The Desert Storm, easily. I would like to see Bradley-Pacquiao II or Bradley-Marquez. Hell, with Bradley, Pacquiao, Marquez, Rios and Alvarado, you can mix and match all those guys and they'd be good fights.
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