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Default Re: 2012-13 regular season!

Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
I'd want Pekovic over the others. Not sure how much I'd want to pay him though. He's certainly in the 12-15 million range I'd guess as a center. Seems a bit high for Hickson but I wouldn't be surprised. 7-9 Hate to think what Millsap will get if he gets that. 10-12 I'd hope. I'd think the market for Jefferson is limited. He's got skills but not sure where his game fits with his flaws. Someone will probably pay him a lot though. 12-15. Sure hope it's not the Jazz!

Bound to be the most interesting off season in Utah since the first two seasons post Stockton to Malone anyway. Jazz will have to look at front loading deals I'd think so they can pay the young 4.

I like Batum and he's still really young and might end up being worth what they had to match to keep him but it's a lot. I don't think I'd want him over G and I'd hate to have to pay him that but if they don't sign him to an extension this summer they might have to. I'm guessing he'll want to stay in Utah as long as they are fair with him.

Favors is going to be even tougher to have to give that kind of money to this summer but if they don't it could be a lot more next summer. He'll want to stay too I'd imagine but who knows what their agents and families will be telling them. Kanter and Burks continued development will make it easier to let them go if they get overpaid I guess. Can't make the same mistake they did with AK. That hurt the team for a long time.
I'd go for Pekovic too, but he's restricted so you'd have to offer the max to try and get Minny not to match. I've really got no idea what their front office is doing though, so they could let him go. Someone will pay Jefferson, there's usually a team that bombs out with their main targets and feels they have to sign anyone to fill in their empty cap space. Millsap should get $10 million + offers, but teams may only offer him 3 years, which could persuade him to stay in Utah with a longer term deal.
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