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Default Re: This must be said: The Wire is overrated

Originally Posted by andgar923

You know me so well because I like Apple products,

I tried adding some quick tidbits for fun, whoopee!!! I still made my main point, it isn't what ya'll say it is. This groundbreaking revolutionary show. That my friend was the Sopranos, Simpsons, Twilight Zone to name a few.

None of the characters are original.
None of the plot lines are original.

As some mentioned on another thread, this is a plot driven show. They touch briefly on some of the character's lives, they attempt to do some character analysis but it's just that…. a touch. Given, only so much you can cover on a show with such a large cast, but this show is primarily plot driven.

A plot that's been done to death before, with characters that have existed before. Done well I agree, but when doing a show such as this introduce something different.

You want an analysis?

Howabout all of the characters being paper cut out cliches.

A cop that has morals and is driven to crack the case but is filled with personal issues
A drug dealer with a heart
Cops tired of their jobs
Corrupt cops
Corrupt higher level officials
The wise old cop that solves crimes

Etc.etc. seriously, if I continue to analyze the shit outta this show I'll continue to expose it. And to top it off, they're linear characters with little to no arc (so far), almost all of them are very predictable.

None of this sounds like the show at all. Literally none of it. Thus thread is stupid. (Yes i know if you take some of the characters are take 1 facet of them you can call them CORRUPT COP but no one is the CORRUPT COP in the way they'd be in a simplistic network show.)
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