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Default Re: This must be said: The Wire is overrated

Originally Posted by andgar923
BB has some shaky writing but even then, it's better than Wire.

Absolutely not. If any of the shows that are considered upper echelon is overrated, it's easily Breaking Bad. The characters are paper thin and one dimensional (outside of Walt and maybe Jesse), the plot is so contrived and relies way too much on deus ex machina and coincidence, the dialogue is choppy and gets annoying (Jesse finishes every damn sentence with 'BITCH!'... and he says like how I spelled it ), everything is so terribly predictable too.

Shit, the acting on BB alone trumps anything on Wire, with ease.

Idris Elba and Andre Royo>>>>>>anyone on BB not named Bryan Cranston.

Omar being the scariest character on Wire

Omar was not meant to be 'scary'

He's a multidimensional, fleshed out character. Not a one note caricature like these wonderfully written 'scary' characters:

If you think the first season of the Wire is overrated, fine, you're entitled to your opinion. But don't bring up Breaking Bad as a counter example
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