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Default Re: 2013 Offseason Thread (Free Agency, Releases, Trades, etc)

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
Very happy with the deals the Bears made today. Grabbing Bennett makes our aerial gameore potent. He will hopefully become a safety blanket for Jay in the middle.

Then the big deal. Signing Bushrod gives us stability for Jay's blindside. We haven't had a legit above average LT since John Tait retired. And now we have a quality, two time Pro Bowler? Couldn't be more excited.

Also gives us some more flexibility in the draft. Maybe we can go after an impact LB in the draft like a Ogletree, Brown, Te'o. All in all I'm happy. Hopefully we can get Urlacher and Louis resigned to bring back some key veterans.

I'm glad that we got Bennett, no doubt. Davis and Spaeth were garbage, I think we were dead last in TE production last year. Hopefully Marshall can repeat his production, Jeffery can stay healthy and develop into another big, downfield receiver to keep the defense honest. I agree that he can be Cutler's security blanket.

Bushrod...not so sure about him. Haven't really kept an eye on him. The "Pro-Bowl" must be due to Brees' individual performances. $36/5yrs is a long term contract...although it's gotta be an upgrade over Webb, he was trash last year. But an interesting stat I'm reading now is...

At first blush, Bushrod appears to be an immediate upgrade over woeful J'Marcus Webb. But our very own Chris Wesseling immediately hit me up to note that Bushrod allowed more combined sacks, hits and hurries than any other free-agent offensive lineman the past two years.

but then I see this in the comments:

I watched all 26 saints sacks... um? the 3 I see he could be blamed for... well atleast the guy didn't jump over him.. "like happens to webb all the time" he just got beat... it happens to the best.. that's why there are sacks...

Not sure on Bushrod...any Saints fans wanna give a rundown?
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