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Default Re: What to do if u used 2 talk to a girl 24/7

Originally Posted by Bladers
Gosh I'm a train wreck
The worst case scenario is playing out right now
Instead of me cutting contacts with her. She doing it to me and I look like the b*tch trying to reestablish it.

But none the less I have strong feelings for her. I just have to figure out how not to let my feelings dictate my play. Mehn it's so hard.
She ain't ur average girl.
listen to niko. just ignore the btch for a month or two, no text,call,social media, and if she hanging out at same spot as you, find out beforehand so u dont run into her. i used to be a little b!tch like you, with some chick who i obssesed about, then instead of doing a lot, i did just a little. it works, do it enough and she'll eat off ur hand if u want her to. after like 4 weeks of no contact, she was sending me texts, trying to talk to me.i would here down through the grapevine that she would ask for me when i didnt show up to places my friends went to. this is one of the most arrogant chicks ive ever met too, if she initiated contact, it meant you had enough points for a handjob

always be cordial but like niko said, stop being emotionally needy. might also be a good time to refine your needy personality, get busy...lift weight, start new hobby or something. you like a needy houswife right now cuz u aint got nothing interesting going on. also, send a free nba league pass my way, thanks.

also, i havent read through ur 30 threads or w/e but never apologize to a chick. consider moving, there are hot b!tches everywhere with incredible azz. just imagine diving ur face into some thick legs and slapping an ass so thick that you wona instagram that sh!t

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