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Default Re: 2012-13 regular season!

Looks like Philly has potentially around 30 mill coming off the cap and were 7 million over this year so they might be able to sign Al straight out. Looks like maybe both teams could take more back in a sign and trade too.

Looking at their roster obviously Holiday can't be had. Not sure if T.Young could be had but might be a nice fit especially if they lose Millsap too. Would be insurance if Hayward/Favors become unaffordable as well. His contract is for 3 more years at over 8 million per but his best days are still ahead of him. He had some of his best numbers this year. Some of his other numbers were down though.

Turner could be a good fit and has supposedly been available. Question is will he be better than Burks or Hayward? Comparable to G offensively now. Not sure about his D? Burks has shown a lot lately. He would be due for an extension this summer and restricted next year with G and Favors. That's 3 big contracts in the next year and they'd probably let him become restricted because they haven't seen enough of him like Favors and G.

Hawes will be an expiring contract. Be expensive next summer to keep. Could be a nice fit with multiple skills.Could make it easier to lose Millsap/Favors if they become unaffordable.

Looks like Kwame has an option but will be an expiring contract if picked up. Not much of a fit anywhere offensively but he brings it at the other end. Could be a nice guy at the end of the bench for relatively cheap.

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