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Default Re: Bruce Lee was a fascinating man

Originally Posted by Norcaliblunt
MJ wasn't half the pioneer Lee was. There were a gang of dudes before Jordan who established the sport. Also MJ couldn't hold a candle to Lee in the sense of overall wisdom with quotes. "Republicans wear sneakers too" has to be one of the most stupid and unenlightening things ever said. Lol.

There are more alike than you think. Jordan may not be a philosopher like Lee but Jordan in his own right has experience all of us could benefit from.

Just like Jordan had predecessors so did Lee.

Seen the movies "Ip Man" and Jet Li's Fearless, in which Li portrays an early 20th century martial arts icon named "Huo Yuanjia." "Yip Man" (proper spelling) is the original instructor of Lee and in his own right he is a Michael Jordan within the Chinese community.

Lee didn't establish martial arts as an institute (like Huo Yuanjia did for China). He was using them as a stepping stone to a Hollywood career and philosophy and martial arts were his gimmicks to get his foot in the door.

Both Lee and Jordan are captivating individuals who popularized their sport globally. Bill Russell, Wilt, Kareem, were limited to basketball fanatics and pundits. Most casual fans from anywhere in the world couldn't name George Mikan, Bill Russell, Wilt, KAJ etc...Just as Yip Man and Huo Yuanjia were limited to being known only in Asia/China.
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