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Default Re: How do you play 21?

Originally Posted by JMT
Interesting. No wonder nobody can hit FT anymore; they're chucking from the arc instead.
Ha, I'm cool with either free throws or threes. The rest of your rules are very similar to my area's.

Separate from 21 though, what I do find amusing is when a new player comes to our park and raises a huge fuss when he sees that we shoot free throws to create teams for our pickup games (instead of three pointers). That type of guy usually says something along the lines of, "Aw it's like that?", "Man, y'all weak", or "Roun' my way we take men's shots", as if shooting threes for teams somehow defines one's own ability.

Anyhow, we sometimes placate those folks and shoot threes for teams just to make them feel more at home. Alas, picking teams then tends to take four times as long as normal and that dude's the one up there struggling to hit.
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