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Default Re: My GF is getting too fat

Originally Posted by DwadeOverLebron
1. Sorry man didn't mean to get you angry but I don't think I'm full of myself at all. She wanted this very bad and all I'm doing was help her achieve this. At this point we pretty much are gf and bf with out the title and facebook status updates. She trusts me and I trust her and we are committed to each other, it's just we aren't "Official".. I believe gf and bf are just labels and titles anyways.. no big deal to me and she knows this. But it is a big deal to her. Anyways we've been working out great and we are both happy and that's all that matters isn't it?

2. Yeah ten year gap but she is very mature for her age altho she does have her 22 yr old moments but I just look at it as cute. FYI she is turning 23 next month so technically it's 9 years if that helps.

3. Well I want what ever she wants for herself. Her parents are both rn's, so she is very familiar with the dr's/hospital lifestyles. Med school, residency's, and tuition costs will have her starting her career between approx. the ages of 32-34 in serious debt. which also means she will have to work and go to school for the next 10 yrs to support herself during that time. As opposed to pharmacy school in which she works at currently CVS, she's already a lead tech. She'll finish pharmacy school when she's 24-26 with CVS potentially giving her a full ride scholarship or at bare minimum school grants if she signs a contract to work for them after she graduates. After she told me all this, I was like yeah stay with pharmacy. I don't think I messed this girls life.. I sincerely believe I'm making it better, easier, and less stressful. I feel like we compliment each other great.

OP, I just read your last message. And from what I read, it's going to be extremely difficult to nearly impossible. First, she has to want to get rid of the weight first and foremost. IF she doesn't have the will and desire to lose it, it will never happen and you should except this and her since you love her. A smoker will not quit smoking unless he absolutely wants to quit. Same thing with her. In order to fix a problem you need to recognize it first. She has to know she's over weight. And it seems your scared to break the news or don't know how to tactfully say it with out hurting her feelings. But like i mention earlier you have to be blunt and honest. Sit her down and be like we both need to live a healthier life style, and make up a story about some guy at work who had a heart attack and he was only 29, found out he has serious diabetes and he wasn't even fat. Scare the crap out of her, see if that works.

Also one thing I didn't mention that was also vital to her weight loss was we both eased up on the alcohol. I'm not that much of a drinker to begin with and she completely quit even tho she worked at a nightclub doing cocktail waitressing. So yeah ease up on the drinking, that's HUGE for weight loss FYI.

op's story is one thing, but your sh*t is messed up. You are totally playing a girl 10 years your junior and acting like you are such a good guy for it. I hope you are just delusional. It's one thing to have the age difference, but to lead this poor stupid girl on by promising you are gonna make it facebook official if she loses enough weight?

I don't know what's worse: you, or the dumb b*tch herself for being too dumb to realize what every single person who read your post does.
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